Brafo® Measurement

“It is strange that there is a comprehensive manual for almost everything, but not for something simple like glasses” writes optometrist A. van de Braak.
Wearing glasses is not always as simple as we might think. In our practice we notice that glasses can have a considerable impact on people’s functioning.
For people who do not wear glasses, when they try to focus, both eyes look at one specific point at the same time. But if they wear glasses with different strength, it is a completely different experience.
Each time the viewing direction changes (while wearing glasses and if your glasses have a difference in strength right and left), your eyes will have to constantly compensate, in order not to see double.
Such interaction can cause all kinds of complaints: such as headaches, fatigue and dizziness.

What the ‘Brafo test’ does, is it ‘maps’ what these changes are for your specific glasses and gives you advice in which direction you should focus and which directions you want to avoid. The advice that results from the test can in many cases help with the complaints.

Optometrist A. van de Braak has developed a system that calculates these differences. This way you can be advised in which direction you can expect the least trouble when focusing. The advice is personal and different for each strength of glasses.
For children we find that a recommendation to sit either on the left of the right side of the classroom, , does wonders. This is so, because if you are in the “right place” it will cost much less energy and ‘focusing’ will be more comfortable.

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