Fees & Reimbursement

Our Fees 2024

  • First visit children/adults : € 126,50
    (Includes neurologic and orthopedic examination, Myovision scan and diagnostic first tests)
  • Follow-up appointment adult: € 67,50
  • Extended follow-up consult : € 80,00
  • Follow-up appointment children till 15 years: € 53,75
  • RightEye® initial exam and training: € 60,00
  • Righteye® follow-up exams and follow-up training: € 35,00
  • Kinetisense ® diagnostic exam: Euro. 60,00
  • Kinetisense® follow-up exam: Euro. 35,00
  • Kinesiotaping: 7,50
  • No-show: € 67,50
  • Brafo® Measurement: Euro. 25,00
  • Radio exam second opinion/CD request: Euro. 13,50
  • Insurance report: Euro. 67,50
  • Massage therapy/Somatic Therapy: Euro. 85 (1 hour unit).

Insurance & Reimbursement

Chiropractic is reimbursed quite well by insurances in the Netherlands and worldwide. This does not surprise us. Research shows that chiropractic is the best cost-effective way to treat backpain! 1)

We do advise you to check your insurance policy or contact the insurance company if you want to confirm what kind of reimbursement you can expect. This will differ from company to company and will depend on the insurance package you chose.

Up to date surveys among insurance companies allows us to show you the following indicative values for 2024 by clicking here.  If your insurance company does not show on this list, this does not mean they will not reimburse chiropractic treatments. It just means that we do not have the relevant current information.

It is important for you that all our chiropractors are members of the NCA (Netherlands Chiropractic Associatiation) are officially registered at the SCN (Stichting Chiropractie Nederland) and have a AGB-code. For most insurance companies, this is a requirement for reimbursing your chiropractic treatment.

1) Nelson C.F., Metz D., Legorreta A. et al. (2003) : ‘Effects of Inclusion of a Chiropractic Benefit on the Utilization of Healthcare Resources in a Managed Healthcare Plan.

Payment Policy

Chiropractic consulations can be paid cash or with debit card. Upon payment, the chiropractic assistant will then give you a payment receipt that you can send to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Appointments can be cancelled or changed by phone only. Make sure to conctact us at least 1 business day ahead.


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