Let a MyoVision® scan show you what the chiropractor feels with his hands.

Chiropractie Leiden uses MyoVision® technology developed in the USA because it offer valuable feedback to patient and chiropractor. The system provides static sEMGS with clinical value so our patients and chiropractors can work together to achieve the goals.

MyoVision’s ScanVision™ uses Static sEMG (surface electromyography) to measure electrical activity of the paraspinal muscles while weight bearing. It’s measuring the muscular response to spinal subluxation.  The ScanVision effectively provides a quantifiable means of showing patients what the chiropractor feels with the hands. The software shows the levels of muscle tension about the spine in an easy to understand graphic. MyoVision’s proprietary sEMG technology is a completely safe, painless and non-invasive method of evaluating spinal health utilizing the well established EKG technology. 


Utilizing technology identical to the commonly used EKG/ECG, MyoVision’s ScanVision allows you to do a “quick measure” of muscle tension about the spine. The bars which you see extending outward from the spine, show muscle tension levels on both left and right sides of the spine.

So what do the result mean? The colors indicate level of muscle tension, with yellow, green, pink and red corresponding with very low, average, moderately high, and high readings respectively. The percent difference displayed is the difference between left and right sides at the level measured with arrows pointing to the direction of imbalance. Both very high (red) and very low (yellow) readings are significant. High readings (red) are typically seen in the acute phase of spinal subluxation or injury, while very low readings (yellow) are commonly seen when muscles are in chronic state of fatigue from being overly stressed.

MyoVision is the only system with control group research published in indexed journals. The study below establishes the MyoVision as the first Static sEMG proven valid. This technology is even being used in Hospitals today. Read this research paper. 


Evaluation of the effects of Physical Activity Spine, Oct. 6, 2016
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